The World of Martin Goldman & Harriet Greene


I don’t have the time to do all the wildflowers that I love. There are
certain trails I will never forget because of the flowers:

In Grand Teton National Park – the north fork of Cascade Canyon
towards Lake Solitude – mountain bluebells and Lewis monkey-
flowers along cascading creeks, glacier lilies, Indian paintbrush and
tiny alpine forget-me-nots in the tundra of alpine meadows
On the way into Death Canyon – sticky geraniums and harebells.
In the forest at the entrance to Garnet canyon – highbush huckle-
berries and purple, blue, and yellow columbines everywhere
In the Wind River Range – fields of lupine around Big Sandy Lake
Wild roses on our property in the Canadian wilderness
Yucca and Claret cup cactus in our front yard in Carson, New Mexico.