The World of Martin Goldman & Harriet Greene

Wild Animals

Wild Animals: When we had our gallery (Backroads Gallery) in Jackson
Hole, Wyoming, I used to carve outside amongst all the other artisans.
Frank Craighead, along with his brother John who studied the Grizzlies
in Yellowstone – would come to the gallery during the summer to check
up on me. They had loaned me their black and white photographs of
the grizzlies they had tracked and just wanted to see how I was doing.
My daughter and I have encountered bears on most of our backpacking
trips; we lived amongst them while staying in our cabin in the Canadian

My coyote won second place in the Artists of the American West exhibit.
When Richard Avedon was photographing the American West, he
stopped by our gallery and was totally taken with my coyote (which he
had printed on a t-shirt and then tore it up so it looked used for some
farmer to wear) and my bison. While at the gallery he called Vogue
Magazine and ordered t-shirts for all his models – a black bison print
(shiny) on a black shirt.

I watched the river otters play in the Snake River and slide down the
banks into the water at Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park.

The first animal I saw when we moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming was
a moose out of our living room window against the backdrop of the
Grand Tetons. Then, of course, we saw them everywhere.

While driving the Icefields Parkway in Banff and Jasper National Parks
an old ram came up to our car window. And the wolves crossed the
snowy meadows along the way. So I’ve lived amongst wildlife for the
better part of my life.