The World of Martin Goldman & Harriet Greene


We drove to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in southern Socorro County, New Mexico to see the Sandhill Cranes. And what a sight we saw. Over 36,000 cranes took off  for their feeding grounds at dawn and returned to their nesting ponds in the early evening. Against a full moon and a setting sun we watched, entranced, as these birds floated across the sky. The noise was deafening. I came home and immediately started to draw my sketch to transfer onto a marble slab.

For my print – Seven Chickadees in a Cottonwood Tree – I carved the cottonwood next to our log cabin in Kelly, Wyoming and placed the chickadees on the branches. But when I printed the image in black and white, I had trouble pointing out the seven birds (I could find six of them) when people would look for them. So I printed it in color and painted the little birds in so that they would be easy to find.

The Gray Jays were done when I lived in a wilderness cabin on the Whitegrass Ranch in Moose, Wyoming. I watched them fly to and from the willow tree just outside the living room window.

The Trumpeter Swans hung out at the Elk Refuge in Jackson,Wyoming. We passed them whenever we drove into town. They became a part of our lives.